On the Laravel Certification Program

The Laravel Certification Program was announced at the end of the Laracon EU 2016 conference and got me excited about the possibilities, but I've thought more about it since then. I'm not entirely convinced.

Better handling of TokenMismatchException in Laravel

Have you ever seen your errors filling up with TokenMismatchException errors for routes that don't support POST, or just don't exist? Here's one way to handle the exception better.

Review: Adam Wathan's Refactoring to Collections

Adam Wathan has been a big proponent of Collection pipelines, so much so that he wrote a book on it, which I've had a chance to read (and think you should, too)

Configuring per-environment logging in Laravel 5

Development often leads to adding debug logging to your application, but it's a pain to remove it all before deploying to production. Here's how to work around that.

Testing JSON APIs with Laravel 5

Testing for JSON responses in Laravel is easy with seeJson, but testing validation errors requires a little bit more work.

Cascading soft deletes with Laravel and Eloquent

If you've ever found yourself wondering how to implement cascading soft deletes with Laravel and Eloquent, I may have a solution for you.

Communicating between components in VueJS

If you've ever been in the situation where you need to have components be aware of each other's state, Vue's custom event interface may be what you're after.

Should I use v-show or v-if?

I discovered the other day how to easily figure out when to use v-show and when to use v-if (hint: it's in the docs)

Automatically fixing code styles before you commit your code

Working on ConFOMO, and to make life easier, my first step was to come up with a set of rules for PHP CS Fixer and enforcing them on each commit.

Dead simple domain mapping in Laravel Homestead

The entire process is pretty simple now, but what if I told you it could be even simpler?