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Review workflow on Netlify August 1st, 2018

In my introductory video, I showed you how quickly and easily you can get a static website built with Tighten Co's Jigsaw up and running on the free hosting platform, Netlify.

For many content-based websites, it is often useful to preview the site before pushing changes live. Having the ability to share the changes with others to review and suggest edits is a common workflow for any publishing workflow.

Netlify makes this process really simple with automatic preview builds for any changes you submit in new branches or as pull requests to the repository you have set up for your website.

Any time you create a pull request - or push changes to it - Netlify will automatically build a preview of your site at a unique URL, allowing you to easily review the changes you've made in a production context whilst keeping your existing live site in place.

As soon as you're happy with the changes that have been made, you merge your pull request and the master branch will automatically be deployed to your production URL.

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