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Updating FusionInvoice 2016 with ease February 7th, 2016


Whilst you can check if a new version is available from the admin area, and they do send emails when a new version is available, getting the latest version of the code on the server can be a pain.

Luckily, with the move to Laravel 5.1, and the new directory structure of the application, updating your install can be achieved with a simple rsync command.

Upgrade steps

First, you'll need to login to your account area and download the latest release file.

Once you have that, unzip it on your computer locally. I'm using OS X, so the process is as follows:

1$ cd ~/Downloads
2$ unzip -d fi2016_<version> FusionInvoice-2016-<version>.zip

Replace <version> with the version of the release you have.

Once complete, this command will have extracted the FusionInvoice code into the fi2016_<version> folder in your Downloads directory.

The next step is to use rsync to update the files on your remote server.

1$ cd fi2016_<version>
2$ rsync -avh --delete app assets database resources [email protected]:/path/to/fusioninvoice/public

What this command will do is compare all files in the app, assets, database, and resources directories between the local and remote storage and copy across only the files that are new or have changed. The list of directories that need updating may change from release to release, so it's important you check the upgrade guide to ensure you have all the necessary directories included.

If there are any files on the remote server that are not present locally i.e. they have been deleted in <version> of FusionInvoice, they'll also be removed on the remote server.

The third and final setup is to go to https://yourdomain.com/setup to run any finally setup and update your database.

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